Does Quality Pet Food Cost More?

You've heard it before, you may have even seen it yourself! Quality nutrition appears to cost more than traditional kibble! Today we're going to bust that myth! 😀
When you look at a traditional bag of kibble beside a premium bag of kibble and compare the price tags, it looks like the premium bag costs more! Here's why when we just look at the cost of each bag, we're not comparing apples to apples! 🍎
So why isn't it apples to apples? Pet food is pet food....right? Wrong! Is a box of macaroni and cheese the same as a piece of chicken, some veggies with rice, a side salad and a glass of milk? Nope, it's not! Our second meal option provides far more nutrition, offers a balanced meal and improves our overall health! 💪
So let's bust this myth that quality food costs more! Take a look at the picture in this post! With traditional pet food we typically see a high amount of carbs in the food. Our pets have no biological requirement for carbs. Carbs turn to sugar and sugar feeds disease! When our pets eat a high-carb food, their bodies are not using the carbs and it ends up in your backyard! 😲
Feeding a quality food usually results in feeding about 30-50% less food than traditional food, that means the bag lasts longer and with our pets eating less, it typically costs less to feed them a quality meal! 👍🏻
Our pet's health can easily be improved with quality food, when we keep them healthy with food, we have less trips to the doctor which is also easy on our pocket book! 💰
So when you consider you'll be feeding less food and making less trips to the doctor, a quality food really is a more affordable option! Myth busted! 😀

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