Does Kibble Clean Teeth? You Might be Surprised!

You've likely been told pets need to eat kibble to keep their teeth clean, you may even have seen "special" kibble claiming to be formulated to actually clean teeth! 

80% of dogs have some form of dental disease by the age of two!

Keeping their teeth clean is critical to their overall health and a nice chew or bone can help to fight plaque and keep the chompers nice and healthy!

We are often asked about one of the most common kibble myths out there! You've likely heard it too! "Dogs need to eat kibble to keep their teeth clean."

This myth is perpetuated by the big pet food manufacturers to make sure you buy their food!

Let's break this down! Saying kibble cleans their teeth is like us telling you to eat nacho chips your whole life, because you're eating something crunchy so you don't have to brush your teeth! Doesn't sound right does it?

Let's look at the reasons kibble will NOT clean your pet's teeth and what will!

Our pet's mouths aren't made to chew, though they'll chew a little, their mouths are made to rip and swallow, not chew. So giving them something "crunchy to chew" doesn't work. Their mouths aren't designed for it.

Dental kibbles are 50-70% carbs, carbs turn into sugar, sugar feeds disease. When our pets eat a highly processed, high carb, sugary food, it contributes to getting and keeping their teeth dirty. Think about when you eat a really sugar-filled dessert. Do your teeth feel clean? Kibble makes their teeth dirty more so than cleans them by the carbs and sugar sticking to their teeth and promoting plaque growth.

Raw meat is the only food that contains the necessary enzymes to break down any debris and keep their teeth clean and white! You've never seen a wolf needing a dental...right?!? 

Raw meaty bones are Mother Nature's toothbrush! Chewing a raw meaty bone for one day can eliminate up to 70% of plaque, up to 90% after one week of chewing. Offering our pets natural, healthy chew options is a fantastic way to ensure we're taking care of their oral health!

Our pets were never intended to eat a highly processed dry food. They were meant to eat meat and chew bones! Saying kibble cleans teeth is just another lie the big pet food manufacturers have told us for decades to sell their food! Don't buy it! The lie or the highly processed, sugary kibble! 

We're always happy to help! If you have questions or want to look at ways to keep your furry guys chompers clean, pop by!

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