Do Peas & Lentils Cause Heart Disease?

Peas and lentils do NOT cause heart disease! ✅
Canada just proved it…again! 🇨🇦

If you’ve been with us for a while, you may remember we said the tune of big pet and many of our vet clinics would change once the Champion Mars acquisition took place! It had to! Here’s why! 👇

🐾 Grain free diets that are typically made with peas and lentils to bind the food we’re NEVER the cause of DCM

🐾 The biggest pet food manufacturer in the world, Mars, just bought the most popular grain free food on the planet, Champion

🐾 Mars trains our vets, owns over 2500 clinics and sells their food through vets, don’t be surprised if we start to see Champion sold in clinics

🐾 They knew grain free food was never the problem but at the time only sold grain inclusive food and needed to fight dirty to regain market share

🐾 The backtracking has begun and now they’re going to prove it with research, where an anecdotal blog was sufficient previously 🙄

🐾 They have to protect their new investment, Champion pet foods, a grain free food and they’re willing to dig into their very deep pockets to prove their newest product is perfectly safe and NOT the cause of heart disease as they previously claimed

So if there’s anything good about Mars acquiring Champion, it is this! They will have to undo all the damage they did to destroy grain free foods and prove to pet parents, through research, grain free diets are completely safe and do not cause heart disease. These studies aren’t cheap which is why it’s difficult for independent manufacturers to complete them. As the biggest pet food manufacturer in the world, with more money than all independent manufacturers put together, it’s about time Mars used their money for good and not evil!

We still do not recommend Champion products since the acquisition because we cannot trust Mars as a manufacturer. Though the research they’re conducting is fantastic for the industry, be very clear, it’s a calculated move to secure more market share. It is not being done with honest motives, it’s being done out of necessity to ensure their most recent acquisition continues to add to their bottom line! Their studies will provide useful information, they’re just being done for the wrong reasons.

Mars could have funded this study or any study to disprove the grain free claims back in 2018 when they first came out. That would not have served them well since they were funding the attack on grain free bashing. Today is a different story! Today Mars has to clean up the mess they helped to create and undo the damage they helped cause which truly only added to the mixed messaging and confusion pet parents face everyday!

So as we’ve said all along, grain free or grain inclusive is entirely your choice! Now we have the science to prove it which should have existed all along but took the sell out of the most popular grain free food to do it!

To see the findings of the research, you can access it here!

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