Christmas Treats You Should Avoid

Would you eat these tasty looking cookies? Of course they look good enough for us to eat, but here's why your floof shouldn't be eating them! 👇👇👇

They look delicious and super cute but when you see fancy cookies made for the floofs, always read the ingredients, then look for a healthier option! 👍

Sometimes vibrant colors used in icing can be achieved by using natural sources and healthy options. For the most part, commercial cookie manufacturers aren't looking for healthy or natural! They're looking for cheap and easy! In order to do it quickly and for as little as possible, they use dyes which are essentially paint! 😬

The bigger problem is the actual icing itself! Even when it's yogurt based, it requires icing sugar to stick together. And remember, the more icing on the cookie, the more sugar we're feeding our pup! We all know, sugar feeds disease and it's an ingredient we want to significantly reduce or eliminate entirely from our pup's diet! 🐶

Now we're not saying no cookies for the floofs on Christmas, but we're definitely saying everything in moderation! We worked with several local bakeries to try and come up with cute, decorated cookies for the doggos and it cannot be done without using icing sugar, so we decided not to carry iced cookies for pets. Instead we looked for healthier, natural cookie options! 🍪

If you want to pamper your pooch with Christmas cookies, (or anytime of the year) be sure to look at the ingredients! Avoid any cookies with numbered dyes listed (Ex: Red dye #40, Blue dye #5, ect) if you see a numbered dye, put it back! No one wants to eat paint on their cookie! 🎨😳

Another thing to look for is the amount of sugar in the cookie. If sugar is listed, we suggest finding a different Christmas treat for the pupper! Especially if they're currently eating a high carb, dry diet. They're already getting lots of sugar, so we don't want to add anymore! 🚫

The floofs can absolutely celebrate Christmas with us and trust me, they're just as happy with a healthy treat as they might be with a high sugar, painted treat, as long as they're with you! We can spoil the floofs in many ways, we just want to be diligent in choosing treats we know are good for them! 🎄

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