Cats and dogs have no nutritional requirement for carbs

Do you know cats and dogs have no nutritional requirement for carbs? With no actual requirement and if left to their own instinctual devices they would consume roughly 4-8% of carbs in their biological diets. It is true, instinctively they know what their body requires when they're not domesticated and they feed themselves appropriately.

Kibble, on average is made up of 50-70% carbs per serving! Over half of most kibble is carbs, which not only do cats and dogs not need, but once the carbs are broken down into sugar, their bodies can't process the sugar which can result in health complications. They are carnivorous animals and survive mostly from protein.

We are focused on not just seeing your pet survive with their food, but rather we want to see them thrive! One service we will proudly be offering to pet parents just like you is our Pet Nutrition Consultations! Your pets are family and as Pet Parents 2.0, when we know better we can do better! We look forward to working with all of our progressive pet parents soon!

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