Can Your Dog Eat Watermelon?

It's summer time and who doesn't love some nice refreshing watermelon? 🍉

The question is, can your pup eat watermelon and the answer may surprise you! 😲

✅ Yes, your dog can eat watermelon

✅ Always remove the seeds and rind

✅ Remember it's a treat and like all treats, should only be given in moderation

So why is that? 🤔

Watermelon provides some great health benefits like:

🍉 Vitamins A, B6 and C

🍉 It's 92% water so good for hydration

🍉 High in fiber

🍉 Low in calories

🍉 Low in sodium

🍉 Fat free

🍉 Cholesterol free

⬆️ All good stuff! But....

⚠️ While watermelon rinds and seeds are not toxic...they can cause gastrointestinal upset and even blockages.

A blockage can occur when seeds or the rind get stuck in the digestive tract. This can cause partial or complete blockages and stop fluids and solids from passing.

In some cases, the object can perforate the digestive tract, which will lead to even more problems.

😬 Watermelon is a healthy option for your dog should only be offered in small amounts because it contains a lot of sugar. We always want to reduce or eliminate sugars in our pet's diet, even natural sugar. Too much sugar can cause big problems for your dog:

⚠️ Obesity

⚠️ Premature aging

⚠️ Food allergies

⚠️ Diabetes

⚠️ Low-level inflammation

🛑 Sugar feeds bad bacteria, yeasts, parasites and cancer which is why we always look to avoid it in our pet's diets.

🍉 So, if you're enjoying some nice refreshing watermelon, your pup can too, minus seeds or rinds and only in moderation, that way your pup can reap all the healthy rewards without the risk. 😀

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