Can Dogs Eat Mushrooms?

Have you been told the myth that mushrooms are toxic for dogs? 🍄

Mushrooms create some confusion due to the fact that within one species, mushrooms can either be extremely medicinal or extremely lethal! For us and our dogs! 🐶

Here's the easiest way to know if the mushroom is safe for your pup! If you can buy it in a grocery store and it's safe for us to eat, it's safe for your pooch to enjoy! 🥰

Mushrooms are little natural sources of magic! They are extremely beneficial for our dog's health and ours! Check out these little powerhouses of wonderment! 👇

🍄 Amazing at boosting immunity

🍄 Can fight and decrease the chance of cancer

🍄 Turkey Tail mushrooms can replenish white blood cells when we're fighting cancer

🍄 Adding a quarter cup of mushrooms to our own diets can reduce our chance of cancer by up to 30%

🍄 Adding mushrooms to our dog's diet can reduce their chances of cancer (this is huge when more than 50% of dogs will get cancer)

Throwing fresh mushrooms into your dog's bowl is an excellent way to boost their nutrition! If you don't always have fresh mushrooms in your kitchen, there are a variety of mushroom supplements you can always add! Zaner gets mushroom supplements everyday and fresh mushrooms regularly! 👍

Another myth successfully busted! If you're not adding mushrooms or a mushroom supplement, there's no better time to start! 😀

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