Can Dogs Eat Garlic?

If you saw our list of toxic foods for dogs, you might have been surprised that garlic wasn't on the list as being toxic! 🧄

Many pet parents are of the belief that garlic is toxic, so let's debunk this pet food myth! 👇

In 2000 a study was conducted where dogs were given 1.25ml of garlic extract (much more potent than fresh garlic) per kilogram of body weight. That would be the equivalent of a 50lb dog eating 25 cloves per day. 😬

Though none of the dogs developed anemia, the researchers could identify red blood cell stress and concluded that garlic was toxic. ❌

Many studies have been done since 2000 and have highlighted the benefits fresh garlic offers! Just like with people, some dogs like garlic and others don't! Adding small amounts of fresh garlic is perfectly safe for dogs. 🧄

If you're going to include some garlic for your pups either daily or as you like, here are some garlic guidelines for serving sizes 👇

🐶 10-15 pounds 1/2 clove

🐶 20-40 pounds 1 clove

🐶 75-90 pounds 2 cloves

🐶 100+ pounds 2 1/2 cloves

No long term studies have been done on cats though with regards to if garlic impacts them. 🐱

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