Can Dogs Eat Avacado?

Another food that is often flagged as toxic for dogs is avocado! 🥑

Though we're not entirely sure how this myth started, we're going to debunk it too so your furry guy can be just as hip as everyone else enjoying their avocado toast! 😎

Our pups can eat the same fleshy part of the avocado we eat! It's full of health benefits that not only help with skin and coat, strong bones and good eyesight but the vitamins provided by avocados can even help in warding off disease! 💚

We don't eat the pit or skin of the avocado and our dogs shouldn't either. The pit and skin contain a substance called persin that can cause unnecessary tummy upset. Remember when sharing your fresh, whole foods to share the same parts of the food you eat! 👍

As always, if you are just starting to introduce fresh food to your furry guy, gradually add small amounts to avoid any tummy troubles. Fresh foods can make up 20% of the diet! So next time you're enjoying some yummy avocado, let your furry family see what all the fuss is about! 🥑

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