Calling All Kitty Parents!

Where are all the kitties at? 😻
Are the kitties all getting wet or fresh food in their diets every day? 🥩
Many pet parents think of wet food for their kitties as a "treat", not something they get all the time. Now where this mindset can be ok is for the puppers, kitties need wet or fresh food in their diet every day! Not just on special occasions! 😲
So why are we saying give those kitties wet or fresh food every day? It's simple and unique to the kitties! Unlike every other mammal on the face of the planet, kitties do not have the same thirst sensation that tells them they need to drink! They rely on their diet to be hydrated and if the diet is dry, they're not getting properly hydrated. 😬
Dry diets only contain 10% moisture which is insufficient to keep a kitty properly hydrated. Compare that to a wet food which is approximately 75% moisture. If you live with a kitty, you may also notice, they're not usually big water drinkers which is another reason we want to ensure we are providing adequate moisture in their diet. ✅
Without providing adequate hydration, our kitties risk a variety of health conditions, the most common being struvite crystals which is extremely painful for kitty and can lead to other health complications. 😬
So let's look at four easy ways to provide sufficient moisture to kitty's diet!
🐟 Add wet food to the bowl every day to increase hydration
🥛 Offer goat milk or kefir either with the meal or separately as a drink every day which also provides a natural source of probiotics
🥩 Include raw toppers or raw food in the diet every day which will also help keep the teeth clean
🦴 Include bone broth in the meal every day which will also help with joint health and silky coats
Choose one or all of the options depending on kitty's tastes! Just be sure we're adequately hydrating kitty every day to keep them happy and healthy! 

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