Building A Buffet In Your Pet's Bowl

You've heard us say it before and we're going to say it again! Ultimately we want to build a buffet in our pet's bowls! 🥩🥦🥛🍎🥚
You wouldn't want to eat the same thing every day and neither do our pets! Mother Nature didn't intend for them to eat the same thing day after day for the rest of their lives. Aside from getting bored of eating the same thing day in and day out, there are some great health benefits to feeding variety! 👍🏻
🐾 Variety is the spice of life! For us and them!
🐾 Different foods provide different vitamins and nutrients
🐾 Different proteins provide a variety of amino acids, the more amino acids we provide through diet, the more balanced their diet becomes
Getting to the point of feeding a buffet in the bowl doesn't necessarily happen over night! If you ate nothing but chicken and broccoli for six months straight, sitting down to eat a steak in month seven would hurt! Your body would become accustomed to processing chicken and broccoli. We need to get them there and when we do, each meal can be a buffet in the bowl! 😀
Start slowly, incorporate a small percentage of the diet as fresh whole foods and gradually increase the percentage. You'll see your pet falling in love with their food all over again, every day! We're always happy to help if you want to spice up your pet's meal time! 💙

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