Brussel Spouts for Dogs

Do you like Brussel Spouts? More importantly, does your floof like Brussel Spouts? 🐶 If you're not including this amazing little superfood into your pup's diet, here are 5 Reasons your dog should be eating Brussel Sprouts! 👇
✅ Protects Against DNA Damage
This means researchers have found the compound indole-3-carbinol in Brussel Spouts may reduce the risk of cancer
✅ Controls Inflammation
Brussel Spouts contain glucosinolates which is a compound that can help regulate inflammation
✅ Improve Gut Health
Because these little green superfoods are high in fibre, Brussel Sprouts are considered a pre-biotic food that may improve digestion
✅ Support Immune Function
Brussel Spouts have almost as much vitamin C as an orange! This can help repair tissue, heal wounds and stimulate collagen production
✅ Natural Detoxifier
Compounds within Brussel Sprouts can deactivate potentially damaging chemicals in the liver and reduce the harmful effects of mycotoxins
So if your furry family hasn't tried a tasty little Brussel Sprout, they're missing out on five amazing healing properties all within one little green superfood they could benefit from immediately! 💚

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