Broccoli Does a Body Good!

If there's one veggie we should be sharing with the floofs, broccoli would be at the top of the list! 🥦🐶
No matter what your floof is eating for their meals, adding broccoli is a powerful way to make any pet food better and has a profound impact on your dog’s health and longevity. 🐶
🥦 Several studies have proven the sulforaphane found in broccoli destroys cancer cells and/or damaged cells in dogs.
👉 Whether your flood prefers their broccoli raw, fermented, steamed or boiled, you can start including this super food today!
🥦 Recommended amounts of broccoli include adding a 1/4 teaspoon per 10lbs of body weight mixed in their food!
Do your pup some good, add some greens to their meals and find out your floof's favourite way to enjoy this powerhouse veggie! 🥦

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