Are Tennis Balls Safe for Dogs?

Most dogs loving playing with a ball! Tennis balls seem to be the perfect solution for those furry guys who love to fetch for days! So you might ask, why don't we sell tennis balls? 🎾
It's a good question, but we also have good reasons not to! 👍🏻
Tennis balls, even those tennis balls made for pups are not always safe! In fact over HALF of all tennis balls made specifically for pets have lead contamination. 😬
Over 45% of tennis balls made for pets have detectable levels of one or more hazardous toxins! That's a risky percentage of toys made for pets that we're not willing to gamble on! 😳
Tennis balls made for people also present a whole whack of other problems we want to avoid!
🎾 They can pose a choking hazard especially for large dogs or aggressive chewers
🎾 The outside covering or fuzz on a tennis ball is very abrasive in order to withstand a game of tennis. The fuzz has the ability to wear down our pups teeth acting like a scouring pad or piece of sandpaper. This can wear away the outer layer of the tooth so badly the pulp becomes exposed. Sand or dirt on the ball can amplify this wearing effect.
🎾 If a tennis ball becomes damaged, not only can the chunks of the ball become lodged in the throat or digestive tract, so can the fuzz of the ball.
🎾 Though some tennis balls made for people are not toxic, many are and we don't want to take the chance our pups end up with a toxic one!
Ball loving floofs need not despair! Though we don't recommend tennis balls, whether they're made for pups or not, we do research, recommend and carry balls that fill that need to fetch and are totally safe! We look for non-toxic, natural rubber pet safe balls made with materials sourced local to North America. 💙
If your floof loves to play ball, pop by to see what better alternatives there are than tennis balls! And now you know why you've never seen a tennis ball in our shop! 😀

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