Are Prescription Pet Foods Actually Worth the Money?

Many pets are on a prescription food and if you're getting your food from your vet, or know someone who is, this information is definitely something you'll want to know! 👇
If you've been with us for a while, you know that kibble is the most processed food we can feed the furry guys! If we're feeding a dry food, we always want to ensure we're feeding a premium dry food with quality ingredients that is protein rich and low in carbs. By feeding a food with these attributes, we can know with confidence we're feeding a nutrient dense food which often results in feeding less. 👍
Unfortunately, prescription foods are made with low quality ingredients and are typically very high in carbs. Because our cats and dogs have no biological requirement for carbs, when they eat carbs, the carbs turn to sugar and sugar feeds disease. That means, the prescription food may actually make the problem you're trying to address worse rather than solve it. 😬
Here are some facts you need to know about prescription foods:
🚫 Most ingredients used in popular prescription foods are by-products of the human food industry - not consumable by humans
🚫 There is NO medicine in any prescription food
🚫 Many big pet food companies have multiple lawsuits against them for deceiving the public regarding the efficacy of prescription foods
🚫 Animals should never be on a prescription diet for more than three months
So now we need to ask ourselves, if we're trying to heal the body through food and the ingredients in most prescription foods are mostly by-products with excessive amounts of corn and wheat, which translates into a high carb food and no medicine, how will feeding this food actually resolve any issues if we're not nourishing the body? 😳
If you have a furry guy who suffers from the vast majority of everyday ailments; skin and coat problems, joint and mobility health, obesity, digestive issues, allergies, dental health, and more, there are a plethora of perfectly suitable, high-quality non-prescription options available at a lower cost than what you'd be paying for a prescription diet. Additionally, you'd be providing a quality meal to a body trying to heal! 👍
If your vet is recommending an ultra-processed, dry diet for your pet, you may want to ask yourself if your doctor would recommend you eat nothing but processed food for the rest of your life if you were trying to address a health issue? Your doctor would more likely recommend you eat LESS processed food and MORE fresh, whole foods. Our pets are the same! 🐾
We have successfully transitioned many furry guys from a prescription diet to a healthy, nourishing diet and have watched the amazing transformations happen right before our eyes! Softer, shinier coats! No more itching! Significant weight loss! Running and playing like puppies again! Diet is key to longevity and optimal health! Our pet's health stems from their gut microbiome, when we can get and keep the gut healthy, we can get and keep the animal healthy! 💙
If you've got a furry guy on a prescription diet, we're more than happy to help you look at options and answer all of your questions! 🐾

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