Are Fireworks Stressful for Dogs?

Canada Day is upon us and that means fireworks! 💥 Though we may ooo and aaahh at the wonder of the light show, it's not as exciting for our furry family and in some instances can be quite terrifying. 😬
Fireworks can be extremely stressful and frightening for our furry family, so if you’re planning to take your pet along to go see the fireworks, we recommend you rethink that idea. 💥
Even pets who are normally calm can get spooked and disoriented by the noise, lights and crowds associated with fireworks. The last thing we want is to frighten our pets or put them in a situation where they might bolt or become aggressive due to fear.
Even pets who stay home during the festivities can become frightened by the noise fireworks cause. Our furry family have a much better sense of hearing than we do, which means loud, unfamiliar sounds can be especially unsettling. This is even more true if your pet is getting up in years.
Even small firecracker or sparkler displays by neighbours or family members can be upsetting for our pets.
Here are some signs your pet is afraid of fireworks 👇
💥 Shaking
💥 Vocalizing (barking or howling)
💥 Excessive drooling
💥 Looking for a place to hide
💥 Trying to escape
Rather than putting your pet in a potentially harmful situation, we recommend 👇
✅ Making sure your pet's ID tag is on and up to date
✅ Keep them inside during fireworks, preferably somewhere with you where it's quiet
✅ Walk them or let them out to do business before the fireworks start
✅ If your pet is distressed, comfort them and stay with them to let them know they're safe
Fireworks may look impressive, but the furry guys see and feel them a lot differently than we do!
There are products that can provide support for dogs who are in fearful situations like fireworks, however, they do not provide a free pass to have your furry family participate in the events like we do! If you will be staying with your pet to comfort them, you can take a look at our Open Farm Calming Supplements to assist in keeping your dog comfortable. Again, we don't recommend giving the supplement and then taking the furry guys to the fireworks. Rather, use the supplement as a tool to offer some type of comfort for a stressful situation.

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