Are Donuts in Your Pet Food?

🍩 Donuts in pet food?? That doesn't seem right does it? Well it's true! And it's not just donuts! 😲
AAFCO, who is the regulating body of pet feed allows for "Dried Bakery Product” as an acceptable ingredient in pet food. Dried Bakery Product is an AAFCO legally defined ingredient! 😳
So let's take a look at what makes up a "Dried Bakery Product" in pet food. 👇
🍩 Dried Bakery Product is classified as "Human Food By-Products" and is defined as a combination of bread, cookies, cakes, donuts and other ‘bakery’ products – dried and ground. 🤮
The worst part is, this is considered a completely acceptable ingredient to be used in pet food. 😳 We suspect many pet parents would disagree!
So you might be asking why a pet food manufacturer would ever want to put dried bakery products in a food made for cats and dogs. Money! It's that simple. Dried bakery products are essentially garbage and garbage in most cases is free! The food manufacturer gets to bulk up their ultra-processed, carb filled food for free and sell it for lots of money, banking on the hopes you never flip that bag over! 😡
We look at the ingredients for our own food and our pet's food has got to be the same! We can no longer just blindly trust big pet food manufacturers to have our pet's best interest at heart. They are interested in making money at any cost, even if that means the cost is our furry family member's health! 💔
If there's one change you can implement into how you feed your furry family member, it would be to always read the label! Know what you're feeding and absolutely question anything that doesn't look right! ✅

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