Are cranberries good for dogs?

Ya baby! Boosting your dog's immunity can easily be done with foods you already have right in your kitchen! Don't rely on typical commercial food (especially not kibble) to give your dog everything they need.

Certain veggies and fruits have huge health benefits for dogs when you choose them properly. Whether you have a puppy or a senior dog, boosting their immunity system is always a good idea.

Cranberries are a superfood very rich in antioxidants and very low in calories. Antioxidants make cells regenerate faster by protecting them from harmful free radicals.

They also contain plenty of vitamins such as vitamin C, A and K. These vitamins strengthen your dog’s heart health and support their bone strength.

But these aren’t the only ways cranberries can enrich your dog’s nutrition. This superfood is also known as an effective cure for UTIs. So if your dog starts to pee a lot thanks to a urinary infection, you know what to do.

Your dog can have cranberries in different forms: raw, powder, tablets and juice. Giving them raw or in powder might be the easiest way of implementing these berries to your dog’s diet.

Cranberry juice might be an option as well. But, a lot of commercial juices contain high levels of sugars, which makes it a definite no-no for dogs. So when opting for the liquid form, better make the juice yourself. Dried cranberries are not recommended.

If you want to feed your dog fresh cranberries, opt for a handful for a medium to large-sized dog. If you own a smaller pup, cut the portion in half.

If you realize tablets or capsules are a better alternative, follow this rule: 400mg capsule per 20 lbs of body weight each day should be the optimal way to boost their immune system.

*A note on fruits and veggies. If you're serving them everyday, the ideal quantity for your dog is 10% of their daily food intake. So when you break your dog’s food down, try to keep the total fruits and vegetables to 1/10 of it.

**Adapted from Dog's Naturally University

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