Are Carbs A Good Source Of Energy For Dogs And Cats?

🎶🎶 Let's talk about carbs baby! Let's talk about what to eat! Let's talk about all the good things and the bad things that will be....let's talk about carbs! Let's talk about carbs! 🎶🎶
Who's going to be singing Salt N'Peppa with us all're welcome for that little piece of ear candy! 😉
Ok...let's talk about carbs, seriously, we're going to talk about carbs now! You've heard us talk about reducing or eliminating carbs in our furry guys' diets! If we're feeding a dry diet, starch is required to hold the food in the little pellet shape, starch turns to carbs, carbs turn to sugar and sugar feeds disease! The more we can reduce or eliminate carbs from our carnivorous little floofs diets the better their diet becomes! ✅
Here's a couple of reasons why reducing or eliminating carbs is awesome for your furry guy and for you! 👇
🐾 The furry guys have no biological requirement for carbs, when they eat carbs they need to eat MORE food than a low carb food to get the right amount of calories which costs you MORE money
🐾 Because their bodies don't use carbs, you pick it up in your backyard more frequently and more of it 💩
🐾 Carbs turning to sugar and eating sugar everyday is what causes a variety of health issues in the furry guys
🐾 High carb, means lower protein and more filler. A high carb food is equivalent to us eating greasy fast food everyday of our lives
The big pet food manufacturers will try to convince you that carbs are an excellent source of energy! Now hold on to your socks...they're not wrong! 😲 Carbs are an excellent source of energy, but the question we must follow up with is...are they a suitable source of energy for a carnivore? 😳
The answer changes very quickly! Excellent source of energy...yes. Suitable source of energy...not even a little bit! Absolutely not! Think of the burst of energy you get from eating greasy fast food and how quickly you "crash" afterwards and how awful you feel! 🤢
Who wants to get energy from the very thing (sugar) that will feed disease in your body? No one! Our floofs obtain their energy from the fat in their food and a little from the protein. That's the way Mother Nature intended it to be! 👍🏻
So, if anyone is pushing a high-carb diet on you or trying to convince you the high-carbs in the food provide an excellent source of energy, you make sure to ask them if those same carbs are a suitable source of energy for a carnivore! 🐶
✅ You already know the answer!

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