Are Breed Specific Foods Legit

We've all seen them...breed specific foods! Small breed, giant breed, large breed, food for this breed and that breed made specifically for a particular breed of dog. So are they legit? Let's take a look!

Would you shop for a different kind of apple for a tall person?

Would you cook a different type of chicken for a short person?

Would you serve a steak that was in some way different from the steak you eat today to someone from another country?

You wouldn't, so why would a dog who is bigger or smaller than another dog require a food specific to their breed or size? The simple answer is...they don't!

Now, to be fair a small dog may not be able to eat the same size of meal or pieces of a meal that a large dog could eat, but it has nothing to do with their breed or nutritional requirements and everything to do with the size of their mouth.

Think of a toddler versus a teenager! You give smaller pieces of the same meal to feed your toddler than you do for your teenager. So when the only thing that makes a food a "small breed food" is the size of the pieces in order for the dog to be able to eat it, then as long as the pieces are manageable sized pieces for the size of the dog's mouth, it makes sense. We still need to ensure the food is a quality food and breed specific foods are just your regular old run of the mill grocery store food, they're no more beneficial for your pet than the non-breed specific food.

So why do the big pet food manufacturers make breed specific foods? Because as we've seen many, many times before, the big pet food manufacturers are marketing wizards and truth telling is not one of their super powers!

Think of it this way, you have a Miniature Schnauzer or a Great Dane as a furry member of your family and you see a key chain, a t-shirt, a pair of slippers or a hat that has your baby on it! Of course you buy it! You don't see your furry baby's face on something everyday you scoop it up while you can! Now you see food with their same furry face on it and it says it's made "just for them, specifically for their breed" by golly it must be formulated just for my baby and it would obviously be the best food for my pet!

The big pet food manufacturers marketing wizards know this is how we think and they know how to speak to us from the front of their bag to make us believe what they're selling us is the best choice for our furry family. Think about the apple! Everyone in your family regardless of their size, or country of birth will eat the same apple!

The important factor in choosing a good food is what is IN the bag, not what is ON the bag. Foods that claim to be specifically made for a particular breed are no different than the food that is made for all breeds, they just put a different picture on the front of the bag! Likely, they also charge more because they're making you believe the food is specific to your baby...sadly, it's not.

A small dog has the exact same biological nutritional requirements as a large dog. Meaning, a Chihuahua has the exact same biological nutritional requirements of a Saint Bernard, the difference is the amount they'll need to eat.

If you have questions about the food your pet is eating or need help navigating the crazy world of pet food, we're always happy to help you make the best, most informed decision for the health of your furry family!

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