Are bananas safe for dogs?

You bet they are! Bananas are one of the healthiest treats you can share with your dogs. That’s why most natural dog treats on the market actually contain them.

You can’t rely on just commercial food (especially not kibble) to give your dog everything they need for good nutrition. Fruits and vegetables have huge benefits for dogs when you choose them properly, including a variety of vitamins and minerals!
Bananas are a natural source of fiber, potassium, copper, manganese, vitamin B and C.

Potassium will keep the bones strong and blood vessels elastic and healthy. Other compounds will ensure a strong immune system and regular bowel movements.

Just like you enjoy grabbing a banana for a quick snack, your pup will enjoy it too! Offer raw bananas as a healthy snack for your dog. If this seems too boring for you, you can also find plenty of recipes for making your own puppy treats. Bananas will give the treats a special flavor and a boost of nutrients.

Keep in mind that bananas are high in sugar, so they should only be given occasionally and not on a daily basis.

When talking about quantities, big dogs can have half of a banana several times per week. Smaller dogs, on the other hand, will be more than happy with a few small pieces.

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