Allow Us to Introduce You to Farmina!

If you've been in store lately, you may have seen one of the new foods we are proud to add to our list of foods that are the best of the best! 🤩

You know we love variety and rotation of proteins, brands, food types and supplements so we're pretty pumped to now have some rotational options when it comes to more quality dry food! 🩵

Meet Farmina! Made in Italy with only human grade cuts of meat and formulated to FEDIAF standards, the highest pet food standards in the world! This protein rich, nutrient dense, low carb kibble-hybrid checks all the boxes! ✅

Now you're likely asking, "what in the cat scratch fever is a kibble-hybrid?" And that's a fantastic question! 👇

Kibble, regardless of quality must be extruded to become kibble. Extrusion is when the ingredients used to make the kibble are subjected to high heat and extreme pressure, including a lot of steam. Oftentimes, the extrusion process is how the raw ingredients used to make kibble lose all their nutrients. Farmina has created a kibble-hybrid by only extruding the first three ingredients in their grain free food and dehydrating the rest. That means the majority of the ingredients used to make Farmina are less processed, retaining the whole food nutrients and you know how much we like to see the processing of food reduced! 🩵

If you've got a furry guy and you're bound and determined to get variety into their diet, which who isn't...pop by to check out our selection of Farmina! We've got lamb or cod options for puppies as well as boar or lamb for the bigger floofs! One of the best reasons to provide variety is to ensure our furry guys are less likely to develop sensitivities or allergies! 🤧

There are a few more reasons we love Farmina as a premium dry option for your furry family! All of Farmina's food is GMO, steroid and antibiotic free! They only use human grade cuts of meat that are safe for human consumption and they check all the boxes of being a protein rich, nutrient dense, low carb food. Additionally they offer personalized guidance when you're feeding Farmina to ensure you are feeding the appropriate amount to your furry guy! We mentioned this earlier, but it's definitely worth mentioning again! Farmina formulates their food to meet FEDIAF standards which are the highest pet food standards in the world! Farmina is also part of our frequent feeder program, so you'll be earning free bags with every purchase! Buy 12 bags and your 13th bag is free! 🤩

We brought in the puppy food to start because we loved that Farmina offered some unique options for puppy food! The little floofs who got their lips on the Farmina puppy food, loved it so much, we quickly started bringing in more options! Keep your eyes on our Farmina section as we continue to add more of their high quality pet food to our shelves for both cats and dogs! 🐾

Farmina set out to create a high quality dry food for the furry guys and they're going above and beyond to make sure they do just that! We're proud to carry this unique premium dry option and love being able to give you one more great option to add to your pet's rotation! 🩵🐾

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