5 Reasons We Do Not Recommend Kibble

With the majority of pet parents serving kibble, you might ask why we don't recommend serving kibble, so here are our Top 5 reasons!

1. HEALTH - Many health benefits are seen when changing from a highly processed diet to a more fresh-based or whole food diet.

2. REDUCE CARCINOGENS - Highly heat-processed food creates carcinogens within the food, reducing the processing required to create the food also reduces the consumption of carcinogens and lessens the potential of disease.

3. INCREASED NUTRIENTS - Minimally processed diets retain more natural nutrients than processed foods. Fresh or whole foods provide a variety of natural minerals, vitamins, nutrients and amino acids that are lost when food is processed at high heats.

4. BIOLOGICAL APPROPRIATENESS - Highly processed foods alter the biological function of our animals bodies. Serving a whole or fresh diet allows our animals to digest their food naturally without altering how their body works to digest food.

5. ELIMINATE PRE-MIXES - Highly processed foods require the addition of what is referred to as a pre-mix. A pre-mix is a powdered concoction of synthetic vitamins and minerals and is added to highly heat-processed food as the natural nutrients are removed during high-heat processing.

When it comes to our own nutrition, we are warned to minimize processed foods and food cooked at extreme temperatures with direct heat. We should be approaching our pet's nutritional needs in the same manner. Our pets are our family and we're on a mission to extend the lives of our pets through diet and nutrition, this is why we will always look for ways to improve their diet and put the best food possible in their bowl! If you have questions or want to discuss options to improve what's in your pet's bowl, we're always happy to help!

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