5 Benefits of Feeding Better Food

First let's define "better food". Food for our pets gets better the more whole it is, the closer to fresh it is and the farther away from being processed it is. Think of it from your own perspective, which is a better choice for you, fresh, whole food or processed fast food? When you strive to feed your pet a healthier meal, consider what you've been told about your own nutrition your whole life! Fresh, unprocessed is best!

So, here are just 5 Benefits of Feeding Better Food!

Shiny, soft coat with reduced or no shedding!

Whiter teeth and fresher breath!

Less and smaller poops! When the animal's body uses the majority of the diet as nutrition, there is less waste! When the food is full of fillers, more waste.

Natural vitamins and minerals from fresh whole food provide healthy energy levels.

Weight management with no unnecessary high carb surprises in the bowl!

There are many benefits to feeding our pets better food, for them and us! We can extend the lives of our pets through nutrition and have more time with them which is the ultimate goal of every pet parent! If you want to feed a better food or find ways to level up your bowl, we're always happy to help!

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