3 Hacks to Level Up Your Bowl

You wouldn't buy your groceries at a gas station so why are you buying your pet's food from the same aisle as your laundry soap?

If this hit home, we need to level up your bowl! If you've been in the store, you may have heard us talk about levelling up your bowl!

Levelling up your bowl means making it more nutritious, more natural and more powerful think of a video game! As a character levels up, they get faster, better, stronger! That's what levelling up your bowl can do for your pet!

Here are 3-Easy Hacks to Level Up Your Bowl if you're serving kibble

Add some cruciferous veggies! If your pup doesn't love veggies, gently steam or sauté them in a small amount of olive oil. Veggies can make up 25% of what's in the bowl!

If you've been in the store, you've absolutely heard us talk about bone broth and how much we love it being served daily! It's the uber super foods of all super foods for cats and dogs! Add approximately two tablespoons for every 10 pounds of body weight to help with:


Bones and joints

Skin and coat

Liver detox and more!

Last hack...pop in to chat with us about how we can level up your bowl! Your pet should thrive from what's in their bowl, not just survive!

If you could only eat from the gas station, you wouldn't feel your best either! We're here to help! So if you'd like some assistance navigating the crazy world of pet food, we'll see you soon!

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