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Tom&Sawyer Turkey Dinner

Tom&Sawyer Turkey Dinner

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Low Fat, Limited Ingredient Recipe. Great choice for dogs with pancreatitis, GI issues, or allergies.

Formulated to be 20g fat/1000kcal, the recommended maximum levels for dogs with fat level intolerances.

  • low in fat but high in protein
  • extra lean ground turkey and chunk light tuna (lower in mercury than other tunas)
  • lower in calories but still promotes satiety for weight control
  • beneficial levels of B-complex vitamins for good blood circulation, nerve function and protects against heart disease
  • easily digestible gluten-free grain, provides a a good source of energy for your pooch
  • a great food to help treat upset stomachs and diarrhea in dogs
  • contains muscle building amino acids
  • fortified with B-complex to help break down food into energy and support blood health
  • loaded with iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and selenium.
  • high in antioxidants for a strong immune system and increased energy
  • high levels of B-vitamins reduce risk of heart disease and assist calcium absorption for stronger bones