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Trümps Soft Liver Treat Canadian Cheddar 100g

Trümps Soft Liver Treat Canadian Cheddar 100g

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Trümps Choice Rewards™ are a low calorie, soft liver treat made with real liver and enriched with omega 3's & natural Canadian cheddar flavor. Trumps are the perfect size treat for rewarding or training your dog. Treats made in Canada.


Fresh ground pork liver, rolled oats, canola meal, wheat bran, brown rice,ground barly, de-germinated corn meal, vegetable glycerin, pork fat, sucrose, potato starch, mustard, organic sea kelp, real cheese, flavour, ground organic rosemary, ground flax seed ( source of omega 3's) phosphoric acid, garlic, sea salt, potassium sorbate, calcium propionate, citric acid.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude Protein.... 18% (min)

Crude Fat.... ....9% (min)

Crud fiber ......2% (min)

Omega 3 ....... 0.1% (min)

Moisture .......28% (max)