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One Fur All Sunwashed Cotton Pet Safe Room Spray

One Fur All Sunwashed Cotton Pet Safe Room Spray

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Sunwashed Cotton combines classic, crisp, clean laundry fragrance with modern fruity scents. Enjoy smells of freshly laundered linens hung to air dry on a clear, sunny day.

One for All room sprays are complety pet safe and effective! They are concentrated, so only 1-3 sprays are needed to neutralize pet odors in your home!

Specially formulated to freshen pet-loving homes

Neutralizes pet odors

Effective and fast-Acting


No artificial preservatives

Made in the USA

Satisfaction guaranteed

What We Believe

We believe our pets change us and improve the quality of our lives. We couldn’t imagine our lives without them. They are family. 

Our mission is to make products that help create a more-loving environment, contribute to finding homes for rescued animals and spread the joy of being a fur family. That’s why we are One Fur All ... and all for pets.