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Natural Cat Toys Cuddle Fish - Silver Vine Japanese Koi - 16 cm

Natural Cat Toys Cuddle Fish - Silver Vine Japanese Koi - 16 cm

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  • All-natural cat treat
  • No fillers – 100% filled with silvervine
  • Hours of fun for you and your cat
  • Realistic shape and feel

The Silvervine Japanese Koi Cuddle Fish has been tried and tested on over 100 domestic cats and is completely cat-approved.  The fish flops and feels very realistic and cats can’t seem to resist this.

Rest assured that your cat’s health is our priority.  Like catnip, Silvervine is all-natural and non-toxic, but Silvervine is much more potent. Our cat toys are filled with 100% Silvervine shred, not just a small percentage of Silvervine powder and cotton like some others on the market.

It also doubles as a healthy treat for your fur-baby.  Silvervine has several health benefits: reduces stress and anxiety, enhances their natural hunting instincts, and promotes exercise.

This flopping, wiggling toy will be sure to keep your cat occupied and close by you for hours as they play with, cuddle, and lick it.  Their playful and loving character is enhanced by the Silvervine toy, providing a great stimulant that promotes interaction between you and your fur-baby.

This is a perfect gift for the cat in your life!  It is sure to delight cats of all ages and stages.

Material: Organic Silver Vine, Cotton Fabric Cover.