Cordoba Farms So Fresh! Fall Edition

Cordoba Farms So Fresh! Fall Edition

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Our natural sprays are carefully crafted in small batches with our own essential oil blend to ensure the highest quailty. They are safe, effective, and won't irritate skin or dry out dog's coat. The bottle may be small, but the liquid inside is mighty! A little goes a long way and will last for hours. It is a natural alternative to harsh chemical deodorants and bug spray. 

Our Fall deodorizer will remove dog’s odor while leaving the comforting scent of cinnamon, clove and vanilla. The season may be short, but take a deep breath and let FALL linger in your dog’s hair!

Odor Eliminator Spray (2 oz. glass bottle)

Let's face it, dog's get stinky! This all-natural spray is perfect for in-between baths, or-the-go or when dogs just need a little freshen up. Our sprays are carefully crafted in small batches, by hand, to ensure the highest quality and perfect blend of oils.

They are are powerful and effective, but will not irritate their skin or dry out their coat.

It's the natural alternative to deodorizers and other sprays.

INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, Essential oils (cinnamon, clove), vanilla absolute, sweet almond oil  and witch hazel.