Bold by Nature+ Supplements Slippery Elm w/ Prebiotics 100g

Bold by Nature+ Supplements Slippery Elm w/ Prebiotics 100g

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Our unique formula includes psyllium fibre. This fibre is a prebiotic which will feed the good bacteria in your pets' intestinal tract. This will aid the digestive process and promote a healthy and favorable gut flora.

•Coats the lining of inflamed mucus membranes such as in the throat and GI tract. Can be used for dogs who have kennel cough.

•Slippery elm soothes an upset GI tract (diarrhea, colitis, irritable bowl disease) while the prebiotics feed the good bacteria helping the dog or cat get back to normal quickly.

•Psyllium husk is also great for adding bulk to stool



•Contains psyllium fibre.

•Added fibre can assist with dogs who have digestive upset or diarrhea.

•Slippery elm can be used to sooth the symptoms of kennel cough. 


All Bold By Nature supplement are:

•Made in Canada (Ontario)

•Ingredients sourced locally and domestically

•Developed by an individual with a Bachelor of Science from University of Guelph specializing in animal nutrition

•Free of fillers, preservatives, corn, wheat, gluten.


Body Weight Amount Per Day Daily Cost & Supply


1/2 scoop $0.41 (80 day supply)


1 scoop $0.82 (40 day supply)


2 scoops $1.65 (20 day supply)


3 scoops $2.54 (13 day supply)
> 80lbs


4+ scoops

$3.30 (10 days)