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Sit, Stay, Relate...

This Box is Worth the Wait!

We know exactly what it's like when your furry child is the centre of your world! 

  • Club Dog Mom is Just for Moms with Dogs!
  • Get your very own monthly Pupscription Box

Club Dog Mom is Just for Moms with Dogs!

We know exactly what it's like when your furry child is the centre of your world! You work tirelessly to pamper your pup and now it's time for your pup to pamper you! Join our Club Dog Mom Waitlist and be notified first when the Club is open and get your very own monthly Pupscription Box to pamper the hard working Dog Mom you are!

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What to Expect

Each hand packed box is curated just for dog moms who absolutely know their furry child has made an unquestionable difference in their life!

What About My Dog

We didn't forget about the furry ones who make you a Dog Mom! Though the box is focused on pampering our Dog Moms, we may just surprise your pup every once and while too!

What Do People Say About Our Boxes

"We recently ordered the Gifts this past Christmas and were quite impressed with both the quality and quantity of gifts in the box for the price paid. It even came with the absolute sweetest note!"  - Tianna M

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How Does it Work?

First things first! Be sure you are part of our Wait List. Being part of our Wait List is the only way you will be notified as soon as Club Dog Mom is open to accept members! As a Club Dog Mom Member, you will receive your monthly Pupscription Box, delivered right to you door! The box is full of adorable dog inspired goodies just for you! Our box is all about your pup pampering you as a thank you for always pampering them! Every once in a while, don't be surprised if your pup also gets a goodie or two! 

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The Surprise Inside

Shhhh...it's a secret! You won't see what's in the box until all of our Club Members have received their box each month! You want to act quick though! Our first Club Membership will only be open to a select number of Dog Moms! If you miss the Club opening, you'll have to wait until the Club opens again! Time to get on our Wait List so you don't miss out! 

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"Every Dog Mom thinks they have the best dog and none of them are wrong."

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