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Pretty Paw Venice Velour 3-S

Pretty Paw Venice Velour 3-S

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VENICE VELOUR - fashion forward harnesses for the tiniest of pups!

The Venice Velour harness’ appealing charm is seen throughout the colourful vibrant pattern representing a nautical sea squall with shades of blue and accents of warm rouge tones for a ‘sunset at sea’ ambience. The softness appearance of this design is composed of velour that was often associated with nobility and is considered as an extravagant, royal garment. In the Mamluk era, Cairo was the world’s largest producer of velvet, which much of it was exported to Venice known as the “City of Water” in connection with the latin word ‘venetus’ meaning the colour of the blue sea. The design captures the essence of the water in its aqua coloured turquoise ribbing and subtle, shallow tones of light marine embroidery as seen in the unique eye colourization of the blue point Siamese cat.

The Pretty Paw Designer Step-In Harness' style evolution is inspired from global trends that are fresh off the runway season. Textiles from all over the world tailor the contemporary line with latest fabrics, which are implemented in this year's 'Fashion Couture Collection'. They are created with a beautiful selection of stylish fabrics that emulate the trends for every season. Every piece is created with a cushioned quilt and layered with a soft mesh on the inside panel for added comfort.

Pretty Paw always strives to consistently utilize natural materials that are animal friendly generating mass appeal within the pet fashion industry. Fashionable - Functional - Affordable "designer trends for your four-legged friends"


size 0: 1-3 lbs, neck 10"-11", chest 11"-13"

size 1: 3-6 lbs, neck 11"-12", chest 13"-15"

size 2: 6-10 lbs, neck 12"-14", chest 15"-17"

size 3: 10-17 lbs, neck 14"-16", chest 17"-19"

size 4: 17-27 lbs, neck 16"-18", chest 19"-22"

size 5: 27-41 lbs, neck 18"-20", chest 22"-25"

size 6: 41-60 lbs, neck 20"-22", chest 25"-28"

*measurements: pounds/inches