Collection: Dilly's Poochie Butter

Have you ever had a hard time giving your dog a pill? They’re smarter than we often give them credit for. Poochie Butter’s inception came about when founder Henry Warner’s grandfather struggled to give their dog, Bear, his medication. They tried everything, especially the ever-popular cheese trick. Unfortunately, Bear outsmarted both of them. Luckily, they found a solution in peanut butter!

After much consideration, Henry did some research on peanut butter and dogs. After all, it is one of their favourite snacks. He found that many store bought peanut butter’s carry harmful additives like salt, sugar, and preservatives that are not healthy for dogs (or humans for that matter) In order to appease Bear and his own need to give his beloved dog the healthiest snacks, Henry created Poochie Butter. 

Made with 6 all-natural ingredients, Poochie Butter became one of the first peanut butters specifically for dogs! With wholesome ingredients that pups can’t resist, Poochie Butter has continued to grow and add products to their peanut-centric line.

Many store bought peanut butters (even the all-natural brands) come with added salts, sugars, roasted peanuts (commonly roasted in fatty Oils), and in some cases thickeners, sweeteners and preservatives which are high in fat and toxic for your dog! Poochie Butter comes with zero added sugar (2gs total), zero sodium, zero preservatives and 5 added supplements for a healthy pooch! 

On a mission to help all dogs lead happy and healthy lives, Poochie Butter builds local relationships with New Jersey dog shelters and adoption agencies, donating 10% of their monthly profits.